Dry, Wet, and Canned Dog Food from Purina Alpo

The taste dogs love,
the nutrition dogs need

Quality ingredients, like healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and accents of vegetables, contribute to form a complete and balanced diet for each life stage. ALPO foods help support a happy, healthy life, a shiny coat, strong bones and teeth, and a mealtime tail that just can't stop wagging. A healthy dog is a happy dog.
Real NutritiousReal QualityReal Happy

Real Nutritious.

There are no shortcuts to a healthy diet.

To be their best, your dog needs 100% complete and balanced nutrition for each life stage. Each of our products delivers those daily nutrients in a single place, so you can feel happy about feeding them ALPO every day.

Real Quality
Happy starts at the source.

From high-quality protein sources to essential vitamins and minerals, every ingredient comes from a supplier who meets Purina's standards for safety, sanitation and manufacturing. When you start with quality, you end with happy.

Real Happy
The proof is in the pooch.

Good nutrition helps support the things you can see like a healthy coat, but even better for the things you can't, like strong bones. Real nutrition and real quality make for a real happy dog.

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