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Taste may come first for your four-legged meat maniac, but quality nutrition is a high priority for you.
That’s why ALPO dry and wet food is made with high-quality protein sources and 100% complete and balanced nutrition for each life stage. This makes ALPO a great choice to help support your dog’s health and happiness. ALPO in gravy provides 25% more protein* than the leading canned competitor’s adult dog food.

*ALPO in Gravy 13 oz or larger.


Nothing compares to the feeling you both get when ALPO is about to be served.
Your dog’s ears perk up. He starts panting, drooling and jumping with anticipation. Before you know it, you've caught on to the excitement too. And it all happens for a very good reason – the big, meaty, mouthwatering taste of ALPO that your dog absolutely loves.


If your dog had a choice of all the meaty flavors in the world, he’d probably pick them all.
That’s how much dogs love meaty taste, and that’s why ALPO offers so many flavors for you to choose. We offer a complete menu of tastes and textures, including dry and wet food as well as in gravy and classic ground varieties. It’s like an endless buffet of choices created just for dogs to devour.


For more than 75 years, ALPO has focused on bringing all dogs the meaty flavors they love.
Our nutrition is backed by more than eight decades of pet food expertise, and we proudly produce our food in U.S. facilities. Even today, we continue to expand our menu of offerings, hoping to bring more meaty taste and quality nutrition to dogs everywhere.

Yummy and Delicious – Pawfect!

"... We decided to try the ALPO Chop House wet food. When we opened the can, it actually looked like real food. And as soon as Abby got a whiff, she started drooling. Within seconds of the bowl reaching the floor, Abby devoured the entire thing and licked the bowl clean. She loves it! …" - ALPO® Chop House® Originals Filet Mignon Flavor Cooked in Savory Juices
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